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The First Rule of Peace Club is You Don't Stop Talking About Peace Club

I always loved the soap bar graphic from Fight Club. Putting the name of the movie on the bar was such a simple, brilliant bit of visual branding for the film. The movie title was never carved on the soap that appeared in the movie, but only used for marketing purposes. And in that context, it turned into something else entirely. For me, it's one of the things that helped turned the movie into the iconic film that it is. The image of the movie is so strong and solid. Obviously using the device of carving words into soap has been used over and over again ever since. The other day the bar floated into my mind again, and here I am adding to the endless stream of pop-culture remixes. I guess my mind was reacting to the black and white, us versus them state of the world right now. So I put together a few pixels of art to remind us all to come together, while also referencing one of my favorite films of all time. Peace Club, talk about it, share it--and if you are so inclined, wear it. Peace and love. Oyl.

Visit the Oyl Shop to see sizes and colors here.

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