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TONY KAYE: The Walls of the Mountain

I was in New York last week and attended the solo art show of director Tony Kaye (American History X). Kaye has become a friend and mentor over the years, so it was great catching up with him and checking out the insane energy of his show. While widely known for his work in commercials, film and music videos, behind the scenes, Kaye is a prolific visual artist. This show was two stories filled up full of paintings, sketches and mind graffiti that make up his creative process.

During the opening party, Tony was set up in the window of the gallery, playing his original songs on acoustic guitar. Yet another part of his brainstorming and creative process. Remarkably, Tony told me that HUNDREDS of these pieces were created over the past week for the show specifically. To that end, the show is a pretty accurate snapshot of Tony's creative fury as he puts the finishing touches on his latest feature. After the show, Tony and I caught up and talked art, film and future collaborations. There is a feature project that has been on the back burner for a couple of years that I think we will suddenly dive back into. Anyway, below you can check out some of the images and energy from Tony's solo show at the Able Fine Art Gallery in NY (February 16 to March 2nd 2018).

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