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WORLD TIMES names Donny the Drone as Person of the Year

From WORLD TIMES: "When you hear the term “sentient machine,” what do you think of? Perhaps you imagine the sinister HAL from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001. Or maybe you think of the astromech droid R2-D2 of Star Wars fame. Science fiction has long been filled with both nightmares and fantasies about what a thinking, feeling machine would portend. Well, in the year 2017 to paraphrase a worn-out corporate tagline, science fiction has truly become science reality.

The world finally has its first living, feeling machine. His name is Donny. And unless you have been living in a galaxy far, far away, you have surely heard the name. Donny was the most sensational media story of the past year. Donny’s emergence is arguably the single most important and impactful development since man put one of our kind on the moon. Donny is the stuff of dreams. And nightmares for certain camps. In 2017, Donny’s story was our story. In him we saw a reflection of ourselves. For better and for worse. All of humanity was wrapped into who Donny was and what he became. For 2017, Donny the Drone is the World Times’ Person of the Year." Read the full article in WORLD TIMES here.

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